Mission: Packing | PK Gal Blog | Pink Karma

Packing, ugh. It gives me nightmares. Seriously. A week before I leave for vacation I have a nightmare that I forget my favorite pair of jeans, pack only sweaters for 100-degree weather or forget all of my must-need accessories. Ya feel me?Does packing give you anxiety too? Well, like usual, PK
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PK Top Destinations | PK Gal Blog | Pink Karma

PK Headquarters is ready to spill the tea on their favorite destination spots. Are you…ready for it? If you haven’t booked your 2018 Spring Break yet or you need ideas for a grand summer vacay, here are PK Headquarters top picks:Delray Beach – Hit the beach club, shop until you drop, and eat the
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#treatyourself | PK Gal Blog | Pink Karma

January is coming to a close, which means all of that hard work and dedication sticking to your New Year’s resolution is paying off. You are starting to see results and a positive change in yourself. But, you didn’t put all of this effort in for nothin’!Whatever your New Year’s Resolution may be, DO
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