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PK Headquarters is ready to spill the tea on their favorite destination spots. Are you…ready for it? If you haven’t booked your 2018 Spring Break yet or you need ideas for a grand summer vacay, here are PK Headquarters top picks:

Delray Beach – Hit the beach club, shop until you drop, and eat the most delicious dishes at the Seagate Hotel and Spa in Delray Beach. This is the perfect place to unwind and let yourself go. When you stay at this hotel you automatically become a member of The Seagate Beach Club where only the “elite and privileged” beach goers go on a sunny day. When you’re ready to take a break from the sun, hit up the shops where you will find Pink Karma jewelry. Our pieces are guaranteed to show off your sun kissed skin. You know you want to...xoxo.

Malibu Beach – Looking to relax in a more private setting and catch as many rays as possible? Look no further than the Malibu Beach Inn. It is right on the ocean, seriously. The views are breathtaking and every room looks onto the water.

Hawaii – If you’re craving adventure on your getaway then Hawaii is the place for you. From watching a sunrise over a volcano to zip lining through the mountains and ending the day with a Luau, the excursions are endless. Hawaii is just the right amount of adventure and lounging. You can’t go wrong lounging by the pool all day overlooking the ocean in between your adventures. Tip: Use Yelp to book your excursions. Businesses there rely on Yelp reviews.

Nashville – Or shall we say, Nashvegas! If you love live music, fried pickles, barbeque and bar hoping, then this is definitely the place for you. I’ve never met an unhappy person on Broadway Street. It’s like going to the bar with all of your best friends but you just met for the first time.

There you have it. PK Headquarters has just spilled the tea on our most favorite places to travel to. You can never go wrong with the beach, shopping or live music. And remember, when your sun burnt and swollen from the heat, JEWELRY ALWAYS FITS. Happy booking!


P.S. If you visit one of these places and spot a PK Gal from headquarters (decked out in Pink Karma and wearing a big floppy hat lounging by the water), please do not disturb.

P.P.S. We will be offended if you don’t disturb us. We love you! See you there.