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Why is Larimar Jewelry so Special?

Larimar jewelry is unique and attractive in ways that other gemstones can't compare too. See what makes this gemstone and jewelry made with it so precious.

The perfect piece of jewelry is a great way to elevate your outfit.

At Pink Karma, we're committed to providing our customers with elegant, hand-crafted jewelry. Our pieces are ideal for the work environment, or for a night out on the town. In fact, our jewelry was even featured at the 2016 Oscars.

So what makes Pink Karma jewelry so special? One factor is the materials we use. For instance, our line of unique Larimar jewelry features a beautiful, rare stone that will be sure to make a statement.

Let's take a look at some of the main reasons we love Larimar jewelry.

A History of Larimar Jewelry

Larimar is a rare, sky-blue colored gemstone. It is a variety of the mineral pectolite. While pectolite is usually gray, blue Larimar gets its color from copper impurities.

Larimar is a truly unique gemstone. There are few other stones available on the market that offer the same kind of color and pattern.

To date, blue Larimar has only been found in one location in the world: the Dominican Republic, and some other parts of the Caribbean. While it was originally discovered in 1916 by a priest, it was largely forgotten until it was rediscovered in 1974.

The gemstone is formed under the pressure of hot gases pushing crystallized materials through volcanic tubes. In addition to being rare, then it is also difficult to mine. This is because miners must go far below the surface to get access to this stone.

Legends Surrounding Larimar

Larimar jewelry isn't just beautiful. It also possesses a rich history of legends about its healing powers and properties.

For instance, Larimar is believed to contain a variety of healing properties. There are claims that Larimar can relieve stress, ease tempers, and enhance spirituality. Some even believe that Larimar can help with heart problems and high blood pressure.

Larimar is also important to people with certain spiritual beliefs. Some claim that Larimar can help wearers connect with the divine.

Of course, these healing properties have not been scientifically verified, and should not necessarily be used in place of traditional medicine. Even so, thousands of people have used Larimar to treat a variety of ailments.

That said, if crystal healing is an interest of yours, you should keep these properties in mind when choosing Larimar jewelry. A necklace that keeps the stone close to your heart can be a good choice for activating these properties.

Larimar Jewelry Designs

Larimar is both a beautiful and rare stone. These features make it a great choice for adding a unique piece of jewelry to your wardrobe. It also makes for a great conversation piece, since not many people have Larimar.

Because of its bright blue color, Larimar jewelry looks gorgeous when it is set in silver or platinum. For a higher-end look, yellow or white gold can also be a good choice. These colors make Larimar go well with many outfits.

Also, since Larimar is a fairly fragile gem, it's a good idea to choose jewelry that protects the stone. For instance, an inlay or bezel set is a good way to keep the stone secure. If you choose a piece of jewelry that you will wear often, make sure to take proper care of it to ensure its longevity.

Choosing a Larimar Stone

Since Larimar is so rare, most consumers are unfamiliar with it. Because of this, they may not know how to be sure they are choosing the best stone. Luckily, there are a few features you can learn to look for.

When considering the price of Larimar, always pay attention to the size of the stone, rather than the karat weight. This is because, unlike with diamonds, the size-to-weight ratio varies with gemstones.

You should also consider the luster of the stone. For the most part, these stones tend to be opaque. You may find some stones, however, that have certain transparent parts.

The color of the stone will also indicate its purity. All Larimar features some white marbling throughout. But in general, the deeper the color of the blue, the more valuable the stone is.

The color of Larimar lightens with exposure to the sun. So, if a particular stone has a lot of white in it, this could be evidence that it's been sun damaged.

That said, some people prefer the lighter color of Larimar with the additional white marbling. Ultimately, what's most important is choosing jewelry that's appealing to you.

Caring for Your Jewelry

As we mentioned already, Larimar is a soft and fragile gemstone. In some cases, it can even be brittle. So, if you choose Larimar, you must be careful to take proper care of it.

Be careful in handling when you clean and store your Larimar, to prevent any breaking or other damage. You should store Larimar in a place where it won't be exposed to heat or sunlight to help prevent color loss. Also, consider wrapping your Larimar in a cloth to protect it from scratches caused by other jewelry.

When you clean your jewelry, gently use a soft cloth. Also, make sure to only use warm water and a mild soap to clean it.

Harsh chemicals can have a corrosive effect on Larimar, which can cause permanent damage to the stone. For example, certain cleaning materials can make the stone look dull, or can scratch its surface.

Another way to take good care of your Larimar jewelry is to remove it during activities where it could be damaged. For example, you should never shower while wearing Larimar, and should also remove it when cleaning. Also, if you plan to engage in any physical activities, you should take off your jewelry.

If you take these simple steps, your Larimar should last you for a long time. It will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of jewelry.

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