Summer Event Survival Guide: What to Wear? | PK Gal Blog

Summer is still a few months away, but now is the time to start preparing your attire.

A summer event is the perfect time to show off your fashion sense or just to blend in with the other attendees.

There is a lot to think about when planning adorable event attire.

Is it indoors or out?

Formal or casual?

Let us help you out with this easy to follow survival guide. We'll take you through the colors, materials, and special occasion tips that will keep you fashionable and comfortable.

Colors to Think About

Summer is one of the most colorful times of the year.

Attending a summer event is your chance to show off your own color tastes if you have the right color palette.

Start with the most obvious: summer colors.

Oranges and reds scream hot, blues and greens are natural. Thrown in a yellow, purple, pink, or any other bright color for a nice accent.

If you want to avoid being too stereotypical, go with some neutrals. Black, white, grey, and even light brown will give you a wonderful, earthy neutral palette.

Finally, don't be afraid to add a little geometry into the mix. Solid colors are fine, but patterns are a great way to add some contrast to your attire.

Just don't over do it.


The fabrics you wear can have a bigger impact on you than just your look. Some fabrics were made for summer. Other fabrics will only leave you a sweaty mess.

If you want to play it safe, stick with clothing made from the following:

•Linen - Breathability is a must for any summer event that will be in the heat. Linen is not only breathable, it also offers some visual interest with a bit of texture.

•Cotton - To help you stay cool and dry, think about cotton. It dries fast and is comfortable.

•Rayon - Best for dry climates, rayon is perfect for layers since it's thinner than cotton.

Dress Codes For Summer Event Fashion

Beyond your prefered colors and materials, the best thing to think about to survive any summer festival is the event itself. Each summer event is unique, and you can bet attendees will be dressed for the occasion.

Think about the following dress codes to match up your summer festival look with the right attire.


Summer speaks casual.

Whether you're inside or out, surviving the heat promotes a loose, short, and colorful ensemble for any summer event that doesn't have a particular dress code.

Keep things short on the top. Short sleeves shirts and blouses will offer a casual look, with a nice contrast between the shirt and the skin tone on your arms.

Shorts are a must in some hot climates. If you have to go with pants, consider some blue jean overalls or light blue jeans.

Finally, don't be afraid to contrast your look. A bright summer dress and some white sneakers is a great combination to offer a little visual variety.

Sophisticated Casual

For a lot of people, work doesn't stop in the summer time. If you are attending a workplace summer event or something a little more formal, you can still bring in summer feel while screaming "professional".

Light and tailored are two key words to remember when planning a business casual summer attire. Light skirts and dresses will keep you cool and professional. If you throw in a tailored jacket or put together a fitted pants/loose blouse combo, you'll come across as ready for business without being too serious.

Don't forget to accessorize when necessary. This is where your personality can shine.

Keep it simple. A single necklace or handbag can add just enough accent to your overall display. One focal piece is usually enough.


A formal summer event, like a wedding, is a great time to fancy up without sweating it out. Formal wear in the summer is similar to any other time of year.

The only major difference? Keeping it light.

Don't even think about any kind of dress that looks heavy. For something like a cocktail event, consider the typical little black dress. Light evening gowns can also speak "fancy" without making you feel hot under heavy fabrics or layers.

In our accessories department, you can find small jewelry and belts that will add light accents without added weight. Remember, less is more in most cases, especially if there is no air conditioning.


Summer is all about being outdoors.

Regardless of the dress code, attire for an outdoor summer event requires special considerations. Most importantly, think about your comfort!

Shorts and sneakers will take care of your lower half; find some nice walking shoes and comfortable jean shorts since if you move around. A tank top, blouse, or even a light jacket can round out a comfortable combo.

If the summer event is in the evening, dress in layers. You can start with a summer dress, add a light jacket, and build up or tear down from there.

Coachella Survival Tips

Okay, it's technically in April, but nothing is a better preview of summer trends than Coachella. Music, food, and fashion in California require some strategic planning!

Keep it loose: The desert is no place for skinny jeans or leather pants. Loose and flowing will keep you cool and fashionable.

Stock up on the layers: Don't let the Californian sun fool you, it's still spring time during Coachella, so the temperatures can change quickly throughout the day. Layer your dresses and shorts with some light jackets or jeans, and even keep a pair of light gloves and a hat.

Bring a bag: Stay practical during Coachella, bring some kind of bag. Whether it's a small day bag or a backpack, having a place for all your accessories and souvenirs will be absolutely necessary if you don't want to suffer through the event.

Wrap It All Up

It doesn't take much to plan a great look for a summer event.

A few comfortable clothes and some accessories can go a long way!

Check out our blog for other fashion tips for any season!