#PKGAL Falling for Color-New York Fashion Week

Fall has finally come and your closet is clinging onto that last piece of summer. It’s time to replace those bright colors with warm and neutral tones. Since those beach vibes have disappeared and the fall crisp air has appeared, Pink Karma has the perfect accessories to help you hold onto those summer months.

Lucky for us, 2017 New York Fashion Week just introduced us to a flawless pallete of fall colors. Now if we just had the right accessory to add that pop of color...

A day spent grinding in the office to meeting the girls for happy hour, this PK Gal resorts to wearing Navy Peony paired with falls quintessential color, Autumn Maple. These colors give off ultimate seasonal vibes and deserve a touch of Larimar from Pink Karma’s Makin’ Waves collection. The Larimar Ring with the Bali Favorite Necklace completes the look. It’s a match made in Larimar heaven!

Transforming from city chic during the week to resort during the weekend, the always-flattering Ballet Slipper pink matched with Shaded Spruce green are a seamless pair this fall. Complete the look with the Sippin’ Coconuts Wrap Necklace. Daring to be extra bold? Add the Forever Fiesta Earrings and watch all the boys come to the yard.

Which Pink Karma collection does your inner fall PK Gal resort to? Learn more about the 2017 New York Fashion Week fall color palette by clicking here. Then go here to PK up your get up! You can thank us later.