#PKGAL Falling for Color-Milan Fashion Week

From statement sleeves and statement patterns to statement jewelry and statement colors, 2017 Fall Fashion Week made a statement across the world. TBH when does the runway not put the spotlight on statement pieces? Never.

PK Gals, pay close attention! Make your statement this fall and take every outfit from day to night, city chic to resort by adding a piece or two of statement jewelry. As every PK Gal knows, you can never go wrong with jewelry because it always fits.

Let’s dive into the Milan 2017 Fall Fashion Week. According to Vogue Contributor Tiziana Cardini, designers focused on “polishing shapes, simplifying volumes and erasing embellishments...without detracting from celebrating lux and sensuality” (1).

Designers honed in on polished yet sensual lux ensembles in Milan. However, a PK Gal can’t help but illustrate boldness and scream confidence through her everyday style. The Resort-ing To This collection says it all for you. It’s the perfect amount of sensual color to add to that polished look that Italian’s are craving this fall season.

Prefer to go more lux with your Milan inspired fall look? The Makin’ Waves collection is home to Pink Karma’s most lux pieces. Inspired by traveling and all things risky, this collection adds a softer touch of color with many lux Larimar pieces.

So, I will leave you with this to help you decide which collection speaks more to your fall Milan inspired PK Gal look: “If you are what you wear, you better dress the part you want. A few lucky ladies can do no wrong. Their looks? Perfection and they’ve got accessories to match. But most girls get tired of the same old look and they’ll do anything to get the hot new piece on their arm...but whatever you wear, always dress to kill” (Gossip Girl, Season 3 Episode 16).


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(1)“Arrivederci Milano!” Vogue Runway, 27 Feb. 2017, 7:07pm, www.vogue.com/article/milan-fashion-week-fall-201...