Long Live Coachella 2018 | PK Gal Blog | Pink Karma

Coachella or Beychella? Neither seemed to disappoint during these past two weekends. In fact, out of the 170 plus music acts that took the stage in triple digit Indio, California weather, none disappointed. But beyond everything else the fashion slayed all weekend. 

  1. Denim – from ripped jean shorts, to mom jeans, to jackets, to hats. Denim made an appearance in every outfit.
  2. Glitter and sparkle – we saw so much glitter and sparkle on everyone and it was fantastical! Glitter was splattered on bodies and sparkle was woven into clothing.
  3. White – white shoes, white tanks, white dresses, white hats, white socks, white sunglasses...shall I go on?
  4. Pops of color – as much white as we saw there was just as much pops of color in every outfit to turn all that white into your canvas. The colors were fun, vibrant and sassy.

Speaking of color...you know who KNOW’s color? Pink Karma! Helloooo?! The Resort-ing To This line is full of vibrant colors that screams music festival season. Whether you’re having Coachella blues or are preparing for Firefly, Pink Karma has you feeling all the feels. Expect the Resort-ing To This line to take your outfit from fan of music festivals to the model of music festivals.

See ya at Firefly, PK Gal.