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Express Your Free Spirit With a Boho Jewelry Style

There is something fun and intriguing about boho jewelry when it's properly styled. See which pieces you need to to get that carefree, wanderer spirit look.

Bohemian or boho fashion style is often associated with free-spirited, open-minded people and experiences.

These free-flowing, loose, airy clothes go best with matching accessories. Colorful, artsy bags, floral head bands, and vintage, patterned boho jewelry.

The boho lifestyle is fun, young and breezy. There are no strict fashion rules, except the rule of comfort.

So if you decide to try out something new with your personal fashion style, we recommend adding a new statement piece.

Boho is easily adjustable to any modern, urban and city chic style.

Ready to express your free spirit with boho jewelry? Keep reading to discover how to style these signature pieces and make them your own.

What Boho Jewelry Is

If you're feeling confident and intrigued to try boho accessories and jewelry, but have never worn it before, here's a little history of the style.

The bohemian movement dates back to the French Revolution when it started as a way for artists to express themselves through fashion. In the period after the revolution, artists were living below their means and had to invent alternative fashion styles.

The boho lifestyle slowly grew, becoming famous somewhere in the 1960s and blooming ever since.

Nowadays, boho fashion and jewelry is worn by free-spirited, laid-back, yet bold modern women.

Why Boho Jewelry Is Unique

No boho outfit would be complete without a few pieces of beautifully designed jewelry.

This usually depends on the occasion, your color preferences, and your current fashion style. But the best thing about boho accessories is that they don't need to match.

This is where the real freedom of expressing your true self comes into play.

The main characteristics of the boho design are playfulness, different patterns, a mix of colors and textures, and an overall earthy, natural feel.

So if your everyday style is modern and crisp, but you'd like to try adding a little boho element, start with something smaller. This can be a tribal bracelet with a rock gem in your favorite color or a metal ring with an imprinted tribal pattern.

If you're feeling adventurous, try a layered boho necklace with feathers, beads or wooden elements.

Boho pieces of jewelry are often seen on festival goers. Think Coachella, where you want to be noticed and marveled upon for your unique style.

How to Style Boho Pieces of Jewelry

Boho equals free, so when styling your boho rings, earrings or bracelets, just go with the flow.

The beauty of boho is that nothing has to be color coordinated. Of course, if you prefer matching colors, you can go for it. But boho style and jewelry are meant to be effortless and flowy.

Below you'll find a few useful tips and ideas on how to wear boho jewelry with almost every fashion style.


Boho rings can range from delicate to loud and colorful. The main material for these rings is metal and the signature stone color is ocean blue.

Boho rings are often large, encompassing the entire finger. The general rule here is - the more the better. Overaccessorizing in boho fashion is welcome because the nature of the style allows you to express yourself through your outfits.

So feel free to stack as many rings as you can fit, both on your hands and your toes for a true boho vibe.


Earrings in boho fashion are so versatile that you can even incorporate them into a formal outfit.

Although boho jewelry doesn't have a single distinguishing feature, it's still widely recognizable. A pair of tassel earrings could be considered boho, but also mismatched feather earrings, studs with tribal elements and drop-down bead earrings.

If you're wearing your boho earrings for a day in the city, choose an earthy, natural style. For a night out or a date night, pick tassel earrings with rocks or gems to get that boho feel going.

Boho Necklaces

Boho necklaces are the most versatile category of boho jewelry with styles ranging from tribal to delicate.

But it's this versatility that makes boho so easy to wear, yet so trendy and chic.

A boho favorite are fringed necklaces that can be made of metal or threads. Metal pieces are often accompanied by colored rocks or imprinted tribal patterns, so you can wear them with casual outfits. Fringed thread necklaces can easily transform any outfit and add a statement to a simple dress.

The boho style is all about nature, the earth, and its elements. So it's no wonder many boho necklaces are animal inspired. The elephant is often used on boho accessories because of its symbolism of strength and wisdom in Eastern philosophy and religion.

Finally, layering several different necklaces is the epitome of boho style. So grab a few completely different boho necklaces and wear them with a flowy bright shirt or dress.


Boho fashion is known for its tribal patterns, bold colors and unique textures. And boho bracelets are no different.

They can be bangles with tribal prints and big bright blue stones. Or, they can be bead bracelets with different-colored beads to reflect earthy tones.

But if you're going full boho, try stacking 2-3 different bracelets on each hand. of course, you should feel comfortable wearing that much jewelry, so start with two and build your style from there.

Body Jewelry

You can make a boho statement with boho body jewelry. Feathers, pearls, gems, and beads - make your pick. You can't go wrong with delicate boho chic body pieces to accompany a light, beachy outfit.


If you're trying to add more boho jewelry pieces into your wardrobe, this guide is your go-to read.

You can choose to wear one piece at a time or just layer them together for a boho chic look.

Boho invites you to be bold and edgy, but also feminine and sweet.

The jewelry is not defined by clear lines and it doesn't have styling limits.

So if you want to express your free spirit, check out our amazing Pink Karma jewelry collections and pick your favorite!

We can't wait to see what you come up with!