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Coachella Jewelry Guide of 2017

Coachella Jewelry Guide of 2017

Coachella isn't just about music, it's also about the fashion. Get your festival outfit right with the Coachella jewelry guide of 2017! Click here!

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Coachella is the cultural event to rival the Superbowls and World Cups of the sporting world. Bringing together the best of music and arts, Coachella is the annual hub of all things fashion in the state that is the hub of all things celebrity.

Let's face it. The stakes are high. People go to Coachella to see and be seen.

So you've spent hours putting together your perfect outfit. The shirt. Layers or simple? Long or short? The perfect pair of patterned pants. Or distressed? Maybe you better go with shorts instead. Or skirt? And the shoes!

But what about your Coachella jewelry?

Better break out the jewelry box. This year Coachella is all about the bling.

Why you can't go without Coachella jewelry

Jewelry can make or break an outfit.

It's that simple.

Yes, we know you came for the music, but with so many people crowding the stage, do you really get a close look at the musicians?

Maybe if you're lucky, but for the most part, that's not what you're going to be looking at.

You'll be looking at other people. Their outfits. Their style. Their Coachella jewelry.

And they'll be looking at yours.

Think of it this way: accessories are like the frosting on the cake.

Sure, you can have a decent outfit without them, but would you ever turn up to a birthday party with an unfrosted cake?

Hair Accessories

In recent years there has been serious upset regarding some types of hair accessories, mostly those with faux feathers imitating traditional Native American headdresses.

While it's best to skip the feathered headdresses, that doesn't mean that hair accessories are completely off limits.

A gold band is always in style and can be the perfect topper for nearly any outfit. You can stick to a simple band, or find something a little more detailed and eye-catching. Either way, you can be sure your outfit is in tip-top shape.


Ah, earrings.

Such a simple way to make a statement and yet so easy to overlook when planning that perfect outfit.

It seems that more often than not piercings are forgotten. But you've gone through all the trouble to put those holes in your ear, why wouldn't you take full advantage of them?

Metallic earrings are in style this year, as are natural colored stones and beads like turquoise. If you can find a pair of earrings with both, all the better!

Don't count out stud earrings. Sometimes a simple stud is the way to go -- especially if your outfit is over the top in other ways, such as bold colors or patterns.

Don't be afraid to turn heads either!

Studs can be as much of an attention grabber as anything if you pick the right pair. Consider grabbing fashion forward pair of crawler earrings. Bonus points if they're asymmetrical!

Large hoop earrings can add much-needed flair to some outfits, but you're better off opting for something with more sophistication in and of itself. Earrings with layers or multiple facets add more interest to an outfit and draw roaming eyes up to your face.


Necklaces are at the heart of Coachella jewelry trends.

Whether on a chain long or short, you can't go wrong with a good pendant.

A pendant is a great way to infuse an outfit with a little piece of your personality. You can pick a shape (crescent moon, an animal, etc.) that holds special meaning to you or even give a second life to a childhood pendant with sentimental value.

If you don't know what necklace to pair with an outfit, a simple pendant is always a safe bet.

But safe doesn't have to be boring.

By layering pendants and varying the length of chain, you can add several different points of interest to your outfit.

Take your necklace pairing one step further and add a black choker.

Or rock that choker all on its own.

In either case, a choker is a must have in this year's Coachella jewelry arsenal. It can be worn as a plain band and dressed down to go with a simple tee. Or add a charm and dress it up to be paired with that adorable new tank and those high waisted jeans.

Be sure to play off your outfit when picking what necklaces to pack. Short shirts and long necklaces pair well together, as do earth tone fabrics and metallic chains or charms.

Oh, and one other thing.

The tassel is in this year.

Tassels have been gaining momentum in the Coachella jewelry scene in the last few years. This year you can expect to see them in full force. Be one of the trendsetters with a flash of color in a fashion-forward necklace.

Whatever you do, don't go bare. There are so many necklace options that you really don't have an excuse to go out without this key piece of Coachella jewelry.


Go big or go home.

Thick, chunky, and otherwise substantial bracelets are the look to go for this with this year's Coachella jewelry.

Naturally colored leather cuffs with metallic embellishments are a must have look.

And just like with your necklaces, you shouldn't be afraid to layer bracelets. In fact, this is basically boho 101.

A thin bracelet beside a thicker cuff adds texture and variety to your outfit while wearing several small bracelets will have you turning heads as you make music of your own.


Sparkle is key when it comes to rings.

Thin bands of diamonds can add a little glitz and glam to any outfit, whether you're going for sophisticated or footloose and fancy-free.

But much like with the bracelets, we're seeing a trend toward thick and bold when it comes to rings in this year's Coachella jewelry trends.

Whether it be a glitzy knuckle ring or a thick and shiny gold ring, these bold pieces are at the center of rising trends and a must have for any boho outfit.

What Coachella jewelry are you most excited to show off this year?