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7 Jewelry Trends Taking Over Hollywood

Hollywood is the land of the rich, famous, and fabulous. Get in tune with your inner celebrity with these jewelry trends that are taking Hollywood by storm.

Who doesn't go crazy for the gorgeous jewels celebrities sport on the red carpet?

It would be a dream come true to wear one of those pieces for a glamorous night out.

But celebrities have stylists picking out the hottest accessories that are straight from the runway. Not to mention tons of money to pay for the jewelry. If they're not just getting it for free straight from the designer!

Just because you're not a celebrity doesn't mean you can't rock the latest jewelry trends. You can find the coolest styles at all sorts of price points. You'll be feeling like the star you are in no time.

Hollywood is the land of the rich, famous, and fabulous. Get in tune with your inner celebrity with these jewelry trends that are taking Hollywood by storm.

1. A Fresh Spin on Classic Pearls

A classic string of pearls never goes out of style. But, it isn't exactly trendy. The pearls taking over Hollywood don't look like the ones your grandma wears.

Pearls have been all over the runway since designers debuted their Spring 2017 collections. These necklaces weren't about understated elegance. They're eye-catching and flashy.

You can rock the pearl trend in a few ways. Try layering many different sized pearl necklaces on top of each other. Or mix pearls with another beaded necklace.

You could also clip a rhinestone broach to a long strand of pearls. Instead of making your pearls a soft accent, make them the star of your outfit.

2. Dainty Chokers

90's style has been back for a little while now. Evidence of this is that big chokers came back in a major way last year.

This season, the choker trend has evolved. Chunky chokers are out. Thin, feminine chokers are the new, hot thing.

Think just a thin string of leather instead of something that resembles a dog collar. Another cute look is the choker chord with a long, drop pendant in the middle.

Here's a fun style: layering a few small chokers. You can try matching an ultra thin ribbon with a metallic chain choker and a beaded one.

3. Stacked Bracelets

Because who doesn't love having a wrist full of jingling arm candy?

Stacking bracelets is such a fun trend because you can constantly be mixing and matching. There's always a new combination to try.

If you want to try the layered bracelet trend, you can buy a stack set. You can also put together your own unique stack.

Start collecting different types of bracelets. Thin, plainer ones that will compliment other pieces. Try bracelets made of chord, leather, tiny beads, and metallic.

Then get a few bracelets that will be the standout. Layer one flashy piece with a bunch of the more understated ones.

4. Edgy  Ear Cuffs

The punk look is back. And luckily, so is the ear cuff.

This jewelry trend is showing up in all sorts of ways. There are the traditional ear cuffs you might have worn in high school. Just a simple gold or silver cuff.

There's also the statement cuff. Huge, bling-ed out pieces that cover most of your earlobe! They're the perfect eye-catching accessory for a fancy night out.

If you want to embrace the punk look, try a silver cuff. Maybe with some spikes! For an everyday look, try a thin, delicate cuff with a small jewel.

Like chokers and bracelets, you can stack your ear cuffs. Layer one jeweled cuff with a few tiny, plain cuffs.

5. Monograms on Everything

Pearls and monograms are the two new jewelry trends you and your grandma can both pull off.

Put your initials on your earrings, a brooch, rings, anything! You monogram your towels and pajamas, why not your jewelry?

If you've got the cash, look into getting a custom piece made. Maybe all three of your initials spelled out in diamonds? A girl can dream!

Don't have the same budget as a Hollywood starlet? There's plenty of affordable jewelry out there embellished with a single letter.

Buy two sets of letter earrings. One that's the letter of your first name, and the other your last name. Wear one in each ear.

Bonus: another one of the big jewelry trends right now is mismatched earrings!

6. Anklets

Another 90's jewelry trend is back in style. Except this time, it's had a huge upgrade.

Anklets used to be a fashion statement for teens. Now they're all grown up. Every fashion girl is getting her hands on them.

No matter what your style is, you can find an anklet to compliment it. An anklet can be the perfect accessory for your boho, music festival look. For that, try something beaded.

Want to look mature and sophisticated? Get a delicate chain.

Why not try mixing jewelry trends? Instead of stacking your bracelets, stack your anklets!

7. Tassel Earrings

Suddenly, tassel earrings seem to be everywhere!

Maybe it has something to do with Reese Witherspoon. Her character wore them in the final episode of the hit HBO show, Big Little Lies. Now everyone else is wearing them too!

A tassel earring makes a plain dress look like it's ready for a swanky party. This style of earring is so '60's chic. Try pairing them with an ultra short dress reminiscent of a go-go girl.

This is an attention grabbing earring. You won't want to have it competing with necklaces and bracelets. If you do wear other accessories, keep them understated.

Unless you want to pair the earrings with a fabulous cocktail ring. That is totally '60's.

Another similar earring trend is the ball drop earring. Instead of a long tassel, it's a string of little spheres or pom-poms.

Both are fun, quirky looks! These earrings bring the party wherever they go.

Aren't you loving these new jewelry trends?

We are! Adding these finishing touches will make any outfit suddenly Hollywood chic.

Now get out there and strut like every sidewalk is your red carpet!