Sterling Silver Karma Necklace


The Karma Necklace is a piece close to our hearts. As every Pink Karma girl knows…bling is best, jewelry always fits, what goes around definitely does come back around, and when it does, you need to look good. This necklace is sterling silver with cubic zirconium. Our quality cubic zirconium is indistinguishable from a diamond to the naked eye. The necklace chain length is available in 16” or 18”. Please read below for the proper care of your Pink Karma bling!

This piece is hand crafted in the US, not machine cut, which gives it a smooth edge and allows for a graceful design flow.

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To keep your jewelry in its original condition please remove before applying lotions or other beauty products. In addition, remove jewelry before handling harsh chemicals, swimming, and exercising to avoid damaging or discoloring of the metal. Cubic zirconium stones can be cleaned professionally, but they can also be easily cleaned at home. Simply mix mild dishwashing liquid with warm water and soak the jewelry. You can then gently brush the jewelry clean with a soft-bristle toothbrush and rinse it under warm water.

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