Pink Karma was founded in 2014 after Pam Favero-Mills decided to follow her dreams. Cliché we know, but it’s true! 

At the time, Pam spent her weekends with her father who was suffering an illness. He would ask Pam every visit, “What do you want to do with your life?” We’ve all been apart of that discussion, and can never come up with an actual answer. On a particularly bad day for her father’s health, Pam decided to practice a little retail therapy. While trying on jewelry in a little boutique, Pam realized she finally had the answer to her fathers nagging question. She decided to take a leap of faith, leave her 9 to 5 grind, and reinvent her career.

Pam is a single mom of two teen girls living in DC. She has always had a passion for fashion; she’s an accessory queen! She appreciates jewelry because well, jewelry always fits. She started the online company with monogram and resort style vendors. In January 2016, she took the company to another level. She found a manufacturer in the USA and started designing her own jewelry pieces.

Pink Karma debuted their line at a Luxury Oscars Gifting Suite in Los Angeles, California. Celebrities were able to touch and feel the jewelry in person. Their reaction was amazing and all who attended took home their own handcrafted piece from the jewelry line.

There is meaning behind each piece we create at Pink Karma. We want you to feel beautiful, empowered, and different than the rest. Our pieces withstand a bikini-clad day at the beach and an elegant night out. The quality of our jewelry enables you to invest in a workhorse piece that can be worn time and time again. At Pink Karma we believe you set the trend and not just support the latest.

Bling Is Best & Jewelry Always Fits - XOXO PK


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